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"Anyone can analyze, but not everyone can read!"

Here we work together for the most accurate results. A brand's strategy can only be drawn with the real data provided to it. The data guide us in taking steps in the future. As Pulside, we support not only the data but also the steps to be taken in line with what the data shows us.

As Pulside, we are here to position you and your brand in the best possible way against future risks and opportunities and to take the best actions by evaluating your current situation.

We grow with the experience and expertise of our employees at Pulside and work together to prepare your brand for the future in the changing world order. In this context, it keeps the pulse of the economy, social life, marketing and public opinion research for you; We make the evaluation of your brand in the current national and international market for you with the most accurate methods.
It requires experience and professionalism to conduct a research.

As Pulside

• Mystery Shopper Surveys
• Marketing Research
• Public Opinion Surveys
• Well-known Brand Research
• Customer Satisfaction Studies

We do not see ourselves as just a business partner with the professional services we offer in their fields; We position Pulside as a “research partner” that grows with you, acting together for common ideals.

Pulside is your research partner that prepares you for the future with all the services it offers.

Research Design

Our expert team prepares a questionnaire by evaluating all the details before the research and designs the research.

Correct Target Audience

It is very important to choose the target audience in order to reach your aim in the research. Reaching the right results is possible with the right target audience.

Strategic Analysis

Our team offers strategy suggestions for the correct understanding of the research results and determining the path accordingly.