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How Well Is Your Brand Known?

How Well Is Your Brand Known?


Well-known Brand Research

We are continuing the "Well-known Brand Researches" that we do together with the leading brands of Turkey, under the umbrella of Pulside, together with our experienced staff and expert names.
In determining a brand as a well-known brand, the level of awareness of the brand in the relevant segment of the society is one of the criteria to be taken into account. However, in order to prove the level of awareness of a brand, an appropriate public survey should be conducted together with the necessary documents.
The important thing here is to ensure that these studies are carried out by completely objective, professional, independent companies. Well-known brand research by Pulside for your brand gives you exactly this support.

Pulside professionals draw on diverse resources as they pursue well-known brand research for your brand. One of these is the questionnaires. Pulside pays attention to ensure that the sample size selected for the application of the survey is at the level that can represent the society in order to ensure that the surveys deliver the desired results. The better the selected model size is determined, the more reliable the survey will yield. Otherwise, the smaller the model size, the less reliable the results will be.

For example, OHIM (European Union Intellectual Property Office), in its decision of Beachlife in 2000, did not find the sample group of 157 people used in the study on the recognition of this brand used in swimming clothes sufficient for the relevant country and did not evaluate the study. Accordingly, surveys that will include expert opinions should not be less than 300 people in general. Interviews with 2000-2500 people are ideal in other surveys.

Pulside tries to maximize the proof strength of the surveys in order to get the most accurate results for you and your brand. The prestige and degree of independence of the companies determines the most appropriate and reliable method to determine the accuracy and validity of the information it contains. Reliable methods, questions that do not meet the criteria and surveys conducted in an area far from professionalism will never give the correct result.

For this, well-known trademark researches should be conducted in accordance with the criteria determined by the Turkish Patent Institute. Contact us to reach the most accurate results with researches in this field and to better position your brand & your organization against possible risks and opportunities.