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CustomerMarketing TürkiyeDateApril, 2021ResearcherOdak ŞekerustaShare

With the pandemic period, “health” has become the undisputed priority of humanity all over the world. Studies show that Turkish society most often identifies “healthy and well-being” with a healthy diet. “Olive oil” is definitely one of the prominent ones in healthy eating… For Marketing Turkey, the comprehensive “Olive Oil Research” conducted by Pulside Research sheds light on every aspect of the relationship the consumer establishes with olive oil.

Olive is one of the great miracles of the lands we live in. Olive oil produced from its essence is the crown jewel of meals and salads. The interest in olive oil, which has gained a place in the eyes of consumers as “healthy oil”, has increased even more with both innovative works in the sector and the positioning of healthy life at a more important point in our lives as a natural result of the pandemic period. So what are the basic criteria for consumers to purchase olive oil? Which type do we like best? Which brands stand out in the industry? How do the products produced from olive oil in the cosmetics sector have a counterpart to the consumer? The answers to all these questions come from the comprehensive “Olive Oil” research carried out by Aksoy Research for Marketing Turkey.

Olive oil is at its peak!

To the participants, “What was the oil type you used most frequently 1 year ago?” When asked, sunflower oil comes to the fore with 50.3 percent. Olive oil (41.4 percent) comes second, while butter (7.6 percent) comes third. Margarine finds its place at the end of the ranking with 0.8 percent. “What type of oil have you used most recently?” The answers given to the question show that the usage rate of olive oil increased with 49.2 percent and became the first choice among consumers. While the use of sunflower oil decreased compared to the previous year with 42.7 percent, there is no significant difference in the consumption of butter (7.6 percent) and margarine (0.5 percent).

We like the most natural (natural)

The research results show that the favorite of consumers has not changed in the last three years and that “Extra Virgin” olive oil is the most popular type with 63.4 percent. “Riviera”, which ranked third in 2018, rose to the second place with 16.1 percent preference of consumers in 2021, while “Refined” olive oil ranks third with 13.0 percent. 6.9 percent of consumers state that they buy olive oil without knowing its distinction.

How much do we know olive oil?

While 40 percent of the participants say “I have enough information” to this question, 39.0 percent of them answer “I do not have much information”. While the rate of those who state that they have a lot of information is 4.2 percent, 16.8 percent of the participants state that they do not have any information. Compared to the research conducted in 2018, it is seen that the level of knowledge of people about olive oil types has increased, but ultimately 55.8 percent of consumers have much more to learn about olive oil …